Specialty foods from all over the world!
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11 Lbs. Callebaut Chocolate Block 54.5% Dark Chocolate 835 Callebaut Chocolate 835 Block 54.5% Dark Chocolate
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Price: $68.99
3 Kilograms or 6.6 Lbs. Valrhona Cocoa Powder 21% Valrhona Cocoa Powder
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Price: $6.99
7.8 oz. Divina Jalapeno Stuffed Olive Divina jalapeno stuffed olives from Greece.
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26.5 oz. American Roland Coarse Sea Salt Crystals Roland Sea Salt is the result of the evaporation of sea water. It comes in fine or coarse textur...
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      Specialty Foods

Here at Home Chef Marketplace, we specialize in chef quality specialty foods, baking aids, kitchen tools & cooking equipment from all over the world!


Home Chef Marketplace - Specialty Foods

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